Kids & Pros HeadsUp Football Clinics

Kids & Pros HeadsUp Football Clinics, presented by Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma and the Matthew Gfeller Foundation

The Kids & Pros Heads Up Football Clinics in NC  took place over the weekend of May 16-17, 2015.   The clinics, presented by Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma, and the Matthew Gfeller Foundation, locally supported by Wake Forest Baptist Health in Davie and Lexington Medical Centers, included over 285 parents in attendance during the Parent Informational Sessions and over 440 youth participants for the inaugural set of clinics in NC!   It was a fabulous team partnership from start to finish.  This was one of the largest two-day events in Kids & Pros’ history.

“The Kids & Pros Heads Up Clinic is a wonderful teaching tool for young athletes. There is genuine concern for the welfare of the kids. This organization brought energy and excitement, and provided well-orchestrated training tips for coaching and youth. The kids had a blast while learning proper form and technique.”
–Parent, Angie Trojane (wife of Pinebrook Trojane)

“The Kids & Pros Heads Up Clinic was well organized in how it was set up to educate both the parents and the kids. There was sufficient infrastructure in terms of coaches to players. There was great energy on the field and the kids seem to enjoy the drills and coaching support. As a parent, I am glad that they are being taught a safer way and proper way of hitting.”
–Parent, RJ Landly

“The Heads Up Clinic has provided a great foundation for my son. He will be able to take what he has learned from this clinic and build from it. The Coaches have instilled in him what it takes to be a great and smart player as he begins to play the sport he has always loved.”
–Parent, Kerstin Steinour

“We appreciate Kids and Pros conducting this clinic. My 10 year old son is a new football player and is it important to us that he learn the proper techniques to avoid injury. Thanks so much!!”
–Parent, Dawn Courson



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