Editorial: Concentration on concussions must begin early (Winston-Salem Journal)

logoWinstonSalemJournalAlmost daily, from pro-football circles to high-school ones, evidence proving what some players have always known mounts: Head injuries sustained in the sport can cause long-term brain damage and be deadly.

The sport is also hard-wired into the national culture. It’s not going away. The jeers of the critics calling for that are drowned out by the fans.

So we applaud efforts such as ones here to curb the danger.

In Forsyth County, more than 100 football-playing children from ages 6-18 are wearing helmets outfitted with sensors, participants in a multi-year study of impacts both great and small, the Journal’s Brant Wilkerson-New reported this week as part of a multi-part series on concussions.

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