Phone App to provide athletic trainer at push of button (Winston-Salem Journal)

logoWinstonSalemJournalYouth leagues, the largest segment of the football-playing population, have the most to lose, and in many cases, the fewest resources.

Playing on fields from Winston-Salem to rural Wisconsin, the 3.5 million youth football players in America, according to the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma , are often forced to rely on volunteer help. Sometimes that’s a parent who is a doctor, and sometimes, it’s just a well-intentioned member of the community.

Youth leagues aren’t required and usually don’t have the financial resources to have a certified athletic trainer on the sidelines, in the event of injury, but that will change, if Dr. Daryl Rosenbaum has his way.

Rosenbaum, a sports medicine specialist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, is in the process of developing a phone application called SportsMedConnect that will serve as a bridge from youth leagues to certified medical professionals.

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